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Villa Perugini

It looks like a scene from “Blade Runner”, the very famous science fiction movie from the ‘80s.


We are in Fregene, one of the most popular seaside resort in the center of Italy which has been a breeding ground for architects and luxury builders, over the years. Here is Villa Perugini, built by the architect Giuseppe Perugini between 1968 and 1971, which is now, neglected by the public authorities. It is an experimental example of the “brutalist” architecture. It is interesting to see how this space blends with the state of neglect emphasizing the spirit of a mysterious and timeless place. Indeed, it is no coincidence that the sphere created for being a think tank, is a recall of the spaceship which appeared in Kubrick’s movie “2001: a space Odyssey”. Furthermore, it came out right in 1968. Vegetation grows wild and becomes a perfect frame of the house so that the sunlight can’t penetrate at any time of the day.


Only some ray of light comes through the trees. Villa Pellegrini’s state of neglect represents a serious waste of our cultural heritage but it lets us enjoy a rare, constantly-changing piece of art.

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