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This is The story of an autistic child, Jacopo and his  mother Rita, a strong woman who's committed body and soul to improve her son's development and social inclusion process.
Jacopo is 11 years old, he cannot speak and presents a low cognitive function type of autism.
When I first came close with autism I was struck by how the percentage of developing this condition is higher than I ever imagined,
I realized how little I and nearly everyone else not knew about it.
This lack of information is the reason why I decided to see it close hand and by doing this I tried to tell you about Jacopo.

"Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by an atypical mental functioning that mostly persists throughout life.

The ASD are caused by an altered biologically brain maturation and already appear in the first few years of life.

Children and people with autism or ASD are often closed, isolated in their own world with great difficulty interacting with others, in adequately communicate (language can be used absent or abnormally) and present behavior repetitive and very limited interests.

Autism and ASD are very frequent. It affects, in fact, about one child every 68 and males are more affected than females (4 times more). There are not differences between the various ethnic groups and social conditions and is the most frequent cause of disability."

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